Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Sweet Spot

Good morning! (And it IS definitely morning. As I write, it is 5:00 a.m. I am traveling to Jacksonville, Florida for an event tomorrow. Long day ahead!)

I've been visiting with quite a few of our Girls on the Run councils around the nation. I've recently been to Madison, WI, Seattle WA, Pasco, WA, and Atlanta GA. I've also been visiting with a number of our Girls on the Run sites right here where I live in Charlotte, NC.

I just love hanging out with you guys. I've come to realize that girls are some of the most genuine people in the universe! Seriously...when I am with you I do not feel judged and I feel like I can be myself.

When I was about fifteen, I began to really struggle with trying to fit in. Being popular and liked became very important to me and I started to do some things that didn't celebrate the REAL me so that I could fit in. For many, many years I struggled with the idea that somehow fitting in was more important than just being the fabulous ME that I really was.

BUT, I learned one very important, amazing thing about myself when I was fifteen. I loved to run. I was really good at it too. When I ran, I felt like I could be myself. I loved the way the wind felt in my hair. I could just pull my long hair in a ponytail, throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and go sweat! I didn't worry about what I looked like, who liked me or whether or not I fit in. Running became my sweet spot...the one time in my day where I felt ALIVE, REAL and GENUINE...where I felt like I was ME, MYSELF and I!

As I grew older running continued to serve as a safe place for me to be myself. Running still helps me, in so many ways, get through some very difficult times. Running is where I can think, meditate and clear my head. I can sort through my thoughts without the interruption of my cell phone, housework or returning emails.

When I run...I just AM! I feel free to be me.

What do you do where you feel free to just be the FABULOUS person that you are. Do you dance? Do you act? Are you an artist? Is it doing community service work? Think about it and let me know at Come on! Do share!