Friday, October 16, 2009

Let's Get this Party Started!

First of all, I think you are AWESOME for visiting with me at my blog. I hope that you feel, after spending time here, the way I feel after spending time with you and the other girls in Girls on the Run! REAL, BEAUTIFUL, RADIANT and JOY!

In 1996, when I started Girls on the Run there were just 13 girls in the program. I remember every one of their names! Now there are Girls on the Run sites in over 157 communities all over North America. There are over 60,000 of you currently enrolled in our program! How fantabulous is that!

This means, of course, that I can't possibly name or get to know every girl. I love how the program is now reaching so many more of you, but the truth is...I miss not getting the chance to know...really know each of you. I travel a lot and do have the opportunity to meet many of the girls in Girls on the Run, but it would be impossible for me to meet everyone!

That's where this blog comes in. I'm telling you the honest truth...from the bottom of my heart...that this blog is my chance to "reach out" to all of the girls in our program and have a REAL, GENUINE and ALIVE relationship with each of you!

So, please tell your girlfriends in Girls on the Run to come visit me, here. I will end each post with a question. If you feel like it, you can email me at with your answer! Every once in a while I'll even include your comments in my blog!

This will be a way...a really FUN and CRAZY way... for us to communicate, just like back in the day when there were only a few girls in the program! Cool, mmm?

So for starters, I just received the most awesome letter from Kate. Kate is in Girls on the Run.

Kate shared with me, in a really heart-felt email the ten things in her life, for which she was most grateful...and here they are in her exact words!

My wonderful family;
My friends in the different cities where I've lived;
My education;
Girls on the Run;
My Sports Ability;
My House;
My Books;
My Thoughtful BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, get this party started, why don't you send me a list of the things for which YOU are most grateful, to! Remember gratitude is an attitude! The more we feel gratitude, the more grateful we are. It's really quite amazing how that works!